Extra and Practicals

At the evening in the main Hall we will play traditional music, with cortinas, which it is what most of the dancers at the T. Feast really like , however, meanwhile on the other ballroom will offer some music mix with non so traditional, so everybody happy.

Private Tuition

Time table and Teachers availability
There will be some private tuition available, please request this when you fill the online form, or via email. Subject Private with "teacher's name", preferable day and time.
All the teachers at the event are available for Private sessions, with the exception of Fernando... too much on his shoulders, :)

Osvaldo & Graciela (they teach together) price per hour TBC
Mabel £45 per hour

balanceo shoes
Dance Shoes
A great chance to try them on, check them out and dance off with beautifully designed and quality built Balanceo Shoes.
Seller: Einat

Shiatsu Sacha
Shiatsu - Massage by Sacha give yourself a real treat!

She has develop a unique Technique for Tango Dancer  . you will be able Book at the event on the displayed List
Also If you have any sudden discomfort , pain in your body during the event, talk to her, she will be honest to tell you if she can help you.
This will be her third time at Tango Feast her session get book rather fast.

Kate Massage tango feast jpeg
A treat to your feet!, Foot Massage & Reflexology by Kate Hamilton

For those aching feet and tired limbs, a 30-minute session of Reflexology between dances can be an instant pick-me-up.
Reflexology works in a similar way to Shiatsu, helping to move blocked energy that could be caused by tension, injury, tiredness, pain or illness.
Thumb pressure is applied to specific points on the feet to clear energy channels linked to organs and systems of the body.
At the Tango Feast June 2015, her treatments were sold out.

We have tried for ourselves and we recommend her

The Pizza Feast!  Sunday 6pm till 8pm
The idea is to have a moment to share food, talk, chat with an stranger or a friend, during that two hour we will play chill out party music, and like the last time we will have a a cracking time. We cater for Vegetarian and gluten free.
at last Tango Feast December the Pizza Feast has an amazing vibe, with most of people joining.
Book and pay at arrival to the Feast or any time before 11pm of Friday . Price: £5

Floor Craft (Line Of Dance), ronda
It is not rocket science, it is line of dance !
Tango Feast is an event renowned for its relaxed atmosphere and dancing, and to keep it like this, we would ask you,  please,  to be aware of the other dancers. Do express yourselves freely while dancing without restrictions, but please make your priority the line of dance and being aware of the dancers around you! 
If you feel a bit rusty about this subject, try practicing in a confined space (a small room or an area limited by chairs for example 1 meter by 1 meter should do the trick) or at the event come and ask me for advice or take.
Note: If you do not enjoy dancing and taking part in a busy/cousy/crowded event, please let me know ASAP and we will see what else we could do.However there are other areas of the hotel that are less crowded to dance. 

Coffe Machine 2

We will offer free of charge, teas, filter* and instant coffee, water and squash and at the evenings the Bar will be open.
Most of participants staying on site organise their own meals in the lodges or caravans,
We have our own filter coffee machine

You can get food within walking distance:

New There is cafe/restaurant at the Park. (close on Sunday)
All the accommodation is self-catering, which most of participants make use.
also There are a few restaurants and shop near by

On the Sunday evening you can join us to the Pizza Party, have a great time and one meal less to think about.

Chinese take-away
Beefeater (Restaurant)
Fish and chips takeway and restaurant
Small local shop (post office)
Shop at the nearby garage

Or within 5 minutes driving
There is a Sainsbury's Supermarket
Spar Store