A night of Tango on the Quay
every Thursday

A place to dance, practise, eat, chat , enjoy in a relax atmosphere.
A welcoming place for everyone to feel comfortable, dancers who just started as well as the more experience dancers.

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Beginners Class 7:30 - 8 :15
class + dancing , promotional Price: £7

Dancing: 8pm - 11pm
Price (Dance only): £5

at the old
Tabacco House
38 commercial Rd
Exeter, EX2 4AE

Parking, scroll down

Dancing: When we dance is for enjoyment with our partner. We do not give un-solicited advice, tell them what to do, pseudo teaching.
Instead we focus in our dance, the music and our partner

Practise: Like at any other discipline the more you practise the more you learn. If you are practising a move, you might repeat it several times, discuss it with your partner and or other dancers, share ideas, etc. However it is important that you ask and agree with your partner beforehand that you would like to practise.

There is Parking on either side of the river and a pedestrian bridge (thin grey line on map) . Tobacco House has 2 entrances, one on the river side, next to the bridge, and another on the commercial road.

In the area there is free parking on the street after 6pm on Commercial rd or on the other side of the river on Haven Rd (both marked in blue).

Also P1 is really big car park (free after 6pm), that it should be access by Water Ln. However I usually drive in by Haven Rd.

Then another option is to use P2, and walk down.

finally there is a multi-store car park, as you drive to the Quay from Western Way, However you will be charge and it close at 11pm.

Tanguera Map