Workshops with Corina De la Rosa in Devon , 15-18th July 2016

For years I has been committed to grow the Tango Scene in England as well as the level of dancers, and looking for teachers that could inspire me and all of you.

In July we have the amazing chance to take workshops with Corina de La Rosa.

The Intensive Weekend Workshop about Technique it was Sold Out in a record time, less than 36hrs! from the moment we announced she was coming!
This is why we added 4 more extra workshop , 2 on Friday evening and 2 on Monday evenings.

Friday she will teach
Milonga and Vals on Monday she will Teach a Technique class, follow by Spiral moves, please Notice that to take part in the spiral moves, you will have to take the technique Class or taken the whole weekend

Booking Extra workshops on Friday and Monday
We expect a really high demand in booking! So do not miss out
For Friday and Monday, we will keep gender balance

Click on Programme to see detail of Time and Location
We will keep Leader follower balance, better if you book with a partner. Or you could book alone as leader, follower or either.
The level are intemediate an above.

If you know who Corina De la Rosa is and how valuable this unique opportunity is you wouldn't waste a second and will want to secure your place, simply book from

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Private Classes with Corina

And if this is not enough, to top up your whole experience, and the chance to get the most of her visit I highly recommend you to book one

Slot on Friday afternoon, Monday and Tuesday daytime
Price: €100 so £80 - £85 alone or with a partner
depending what will happen in the next few days with political matters,
click here to check availability and time