Tango Feast Christmas 2014
Over 160 participants have already booked, do not miss it! updated on 20 Nov 2014

Tango Feast is a unique event, like in a marathon, you are able dance un-interrupted through the whole day, and or also, if you wish, you can take some workshops in the next door dance floors. We usually have about 200 dancers, perfect balance between follower and leaders

About half of the participants come to dance only and the other half come to dance and take some workshops.

add your name to "The Event on FB" and or find us at "Tango Feast Group"

You will love it!
Guest teachers - accommodation on site - a lot of Tango - fantastic location - two dance floors - onsite leisure facilities - bar, etc, all in one location...

Beverly Park

Goodrington Road

Everybody Welcome! We offer space for dancing and or learning for all levels of experience.

Participants thoughts and Thanks from being at Tango Feast

Director/organizer: Fernando Guidi