Workshops -

All the Workshops will begin and finish on Time. So please be there early, there are a few minutes in between them.

Learning Pass workshops
The workshop Group B and C are included in the Learning Pass or Package with Tuition.
LP includes 3 workshops. One workshop on Friday evening for everyone , and another two for different Levels and limited to 17 couples, on Saturday and Sunday morning, with Fernando y Mabel

Optional Workshops in the afternoon

The workshops are be 1hr (60 min) long each.
Price: £12 per person, and limited to 17 couples.

Important: The optional afternoon workshops are NOT included in the Learning Pass or Package with Tuition if you are staying at Victoria Hotel.
To take part in the optional Workshop with the participants must book them in advance and also must book a Dance Pass or Learning Pass with or without Accommodation.

Print/Download the Programme PDF [Programme Tango Feast June 2017 web ]
Workshops included in Learning Passes
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Optional workshops
Book here!
Availability updated on 14-April-2017
Price: £12 per person, (60 min long)

The ballrooms at the Hotel
The Richmond is located in a cross from Hotel reception
The Warwick is located downstairs, to get there find the stairs next to Richmond Hall.
The conservatory is located next to the Richmond ballroom.

Groups Level
We will do our best to create groups with even level. And we will do our best for participants take part in a group were they feel comfortable with the level and with a bit of challenge to learn something new.
The Levels published are guidelines, so during the booking process we will take participants thoughts and requirement and allocate them in their level.
We are flexible,for example if there are not many improvers, we will raise the level. but whatever we do will provide a comfortable level to all the participants