Tango DJs -

They are a very important part of the Tango Feast Team, they keep the party going through day and night.
The full line-up will be announce soon

Michael C. (UK)

He has been dancing Tango for years, and in the last few years he also start to DJ. He has a beautiful balance of sensitivity and great taste when it come to the music he plays. He has been to Tango Feast several times as a dancer. In Dec 2012 he played music for first time at T. Feast. it was a great contribution. So we are glad that he will be playing music again for all of you.

David Prime (UK)

He has been part of Tango Feast since the beginning, back in 2008. He is a versatile DJ, when he DJs at the evening, he produces a whole vibrant set of Traditional Music. When DJ during the afternoon or morning, David plays traditional music with a touch of non-so-traditional. During the evening milonga of “traditional tango music”, David is in charge of alternative tango music in our neo-tango dance room. Most of the participants are lovers of traditional music, but, in this way, those who like the other staff, also they have a place to dance it, creating a truly tango feast.

Stania (ChezR)

She has been Teaching Tango for years together with Fernando Guidi and alone, and in the last few years she also started to DJ. She is deep into traditional tango music, which she put together in tasteful way, keeping the dancer on their feet.

Paul Rogers (UK)

He has been Djing for years, at Halo , and really sweet milonga in Bristol that he run with his wife Maureen. He love the traditional music and with his great taste of music, sweet , soft ,rythmical, is able to keep dancer on their feet all day long.
He rarely play music in many other places than Bristol area, however he style and quality will well position among the more well know Tango Djs

Fernando Guidi

He has being DJing since 2002 in many different milongas and Festival in UK as well as abroad. In his heart he love Traditional Music.
For years he has been mainly the Dj at the evenings at Tango Feast with some exceptions, and together with David , they had set a good part of the flavour of Tango Feast itself. Now he DJ the last evening at Tango Feast.
When He DJ he careful select each tanda inspired by the present dancers as well as the music that he like/love to dance.
Also He DJ monthly at "Milonga in Exeter", that he organised, attracting every time more and more dancers with it relax and fun atmosphere.