Milongas, Dancing at the Tango Feast -
Dj Rota will be announce soon, check this space

The Dancing or Learning Passes includes all the dancing during the day and evening milongas of the schedule
At this venue we are able to dance till really late!

The ballrooms at the Hotel
The Richmond is located in a cross from Hotel reception.
The Warwick is located downstairs, to get there find the stairs next to Richmond Hall.
The conservatory is located next to the Richmond ballroom.

Advance booking only, for everything, even for an "evening milonga", if your name is not at the list at the entrance, you wont be able to enter the venue.

At the evening in the main ballroom we will play traditional music, with cortinas, which it is what most of the dancers at the T. Feast really like , however, meanwhile on the another ballroom we will offer some music mix with non so traditional, so everybody happy.
During the morning or the afternoon , depending of the who is Djing, could be a traditional set or set with most of music traditional, and once in while a few tunes not so traditional.

Floor Craft (Line Of Dance) ronda
It is not rocket science, it is line of dance!
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