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HEC_7024 copy Fernanodn Y Mabel
Fernando y Mabel (Arg/Arg)

They meet a few years ago invited to work at a festival, somewhere, and they danced for first time, it was amazing, and they talked and they share stories, and with it was set the seed about one day they would do something together. Time has past since then, and they meet many more times, and somehow every time has been a really good one. So after a few informal occasion teaching together, in 2016, they start to teach together and it has been really good.
They taught last year at Tango Feast and it was very well received… so we are back.

Mabel Rivero (Arg)

Mabel learned her first dancing steps in the city of Rosario, Argentina. From there follow a training in different dance background which enriched her understanding of Argentine Tango.

She is an exceptional and inspirational teacher and with her classes you will find new ways of enjoying the dance, connecting with your partner, feeling the music and how to share a wonderful moment.

For a few year she lived in Berlin, she teaches all over Europe, and very often she comes to UK.

Fernando (Arg)
www.vidadetango.co.uk - www.tangofeast.com
Fernando is an argentinian dynamic teacher and performer of Tango base in Devon, UK.

He is passionate about teaching, following a continuos self development of how to teach. Taking Tango as an improvisational dance, in his classes he use exercise to encourage improvisation from an early stage as well showing short sequences of steps to grasp a concept.

He provides to the students tools to understand the principles that govern each movement. He create exercises that enable to them to experience something first, and then reflect on it or simple to understand the mechanics .All this surrounded by a friendly and fun learning environment!
Also, He is the creator and organiser of Tango Feast, DJ, as well as other tango events.

He has taught and perform all over UK, Europe, North America and Argentina.