Learning Pass (morning workshops)
The LP includes 3 Workshops that will run in the mornings at the main Hall, limited to17 couples, one per day.
We will allocate you in Group B, C depending of your level

Small Group Workshops (afternoon)
In the Afternoon we offer Small Group Workshops limited to 10 couples at the Cafe upstairs.
You can book now, click here, or easy sign up at you arrival (limited availability)

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Programme Tango Feast October 2017 n

5. Conference Topic:
Social dynamics of tango: how we define and inhabit the communal space of tango, and how can we do it better.

Groups Level
We will do our best to create groups with even level. And we will do our best for participants take part in a group were they feel comfortable with level and with a bit of challenge to learn something new.
The Levels published are guidelines, so during the booking process we will take participants thoughts and requirement and allocate them in their level.
We are flexible,for example if there are not many improvers, we will raise the level. but whatever we do will provide a comfortable level to all the participants...Also due to the small size for the group is possible for the teachers to adapt the workshops to the groups level.