The Venue - Beverly Park

Everything will happen in one location, Beverley Park
It is great place for a Tango event, loved by many participants!

ThIs location offer superb facilities, a main Hall, with magnificent wooden floor, modern style/feel with daylight, a bar and plenty of seating area
and a second dancing is an studio next to the main Hall, pletyof windows and daylight

and to top it all up, the option of Accommodation on site with the use of 5 Star facilities at a very affordable price!

This gives an special touch to the Tango Feast, because after the milonga finish at the evenings, some go to bed after long hours of dancing , however many others carry on chatting, eating and socializing in any of the lodges or caravans.

Near to the entrance to the park, just next to reception you will find the entrance to the Venue, where all the dancing and workshops etc will take place , and the leisure facilities are at the building in front of it.

Note: If you staying in the Lodges or caravans,
CHECK IN , available from 3 pm on Friday 13th of Oct, Check Out: Tuesday 17th Oct. 11 am

Beverly Park
Goodrington Road

How to get there?