Accommodation at Beverley Park
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There is a wide choice of accommodation to suit most pockets and tasted. As usual we have a range of luxury lodges available as well as a range of caravans with different level of comfort and prices.

The caravans tend to be smaller than the Lodges and do not have the sea views, however they are located nearer to the to the dance halls, so for this reason they are very handy!.

All the accommodation includes in the price the use of great Leisure facilities at Oasis Centre to help soothe away tired feet

- Rejuvenating spa bath
- Steam room
- Sauna
- Indoor heated swimming pool

Accommodation Available from Friday 13th to Tuesday 16th of October .
Check in: Friday 13th of October from 3:30 pm
Check out: Tuesday 17th of October at 11am

Availability Updated: 7th October 2017
All the Prices of accommodation are for the total of 4 nights, the length of Tango Feast.

(*) The beds in the twin room at the caravans are a bit shorter than standard , up to 4 inches (10 cm), and a bit narrower, please read full details for specific caravan
(**) the twin bed at Caravan Express and the small room in Deckhouse are the smallest so we recommend to take this into account.

Beverly Park
Goodrington Road

FAQ about the accommodation on site

Which Lodge or Caravan you will be staying?
After you have booked and we received the payment for the accommodation, we will send you a confirmation by email with the number of the Lodge or Caravan, then simple check where it is located on the Map of the Park

In any case, at you arrival it will be a clearly display a list where you will be able to find out your lodge or caravan by searching your name, , or the name of the person who made the booking.

Where do I get the Keys - check in?
The keys will be available at the Venue in the Park where we dance and all the activities take place. The reason is because Reception close early.

How to Get there? Please click on How to get there :)

How to book the accommodation?
There is a section to do it at the Online Form to Book for the event, click on the Prices/Booking of the top menu bar

Payment for Accommodation
Once we confirm your place, we will give directions for the payment.
Payment for accommodation have to be made separate from dance Tickets, and only can be done by CARD over the phone (preferable), CHEQUE, CASH

The Booking for accommodation will be confirmed with a payment in full.
50 % Refund, if you cancel the booking before the 5th of September.
Sadly, any cancelation after the above date we won't be able to refund it.

For any booking made after the 5th of September, if there is any available, You will be ask to pay the full amount (Non refundable)

To Book, You will find the option to select Accommodation when you fill the general booking form for the Tango Feast.

If you are ready to book, click on Prices/Booking